Swancar Farm Wedding Photography | Lawrence & Chloe


Lawrence & Chloe were married in rural Nottinghamshire at the beautiful Swancar Farm country wedding venue.  This was my second visit of the year to one of my favourite barn venues, and I knew it was going to be a cracker. Lawrence and Chloe’s Swancar Farm Wedding had it all.  Sharp suits.  Fast cars.  A cool playlist.  Epic food.  Awesome scenery.

Lawrence is the sort of cool guy that brings energy to any room.  He is a people-magnet.  Chloe is the true English Rose on the outside, but quite the little pocket rocket under the surface.  The two together make you feel like you are in the gravitational field of a big planet.  You kind of get swept along by their enthusiasm. They first met at school, and were surrounded by many old school friends as they took their vows in the stunning converted barn.  Swancar Farm is one of the most sought after venues in the region.  (They might have a window for you in 3 years time if you are lucky!)


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The bridal suite at Swancar is one of the most luxurious that I get to shoot in. Huge windows create the most perfect light for bridal portraits. Rich wood and stunning chandeliers create a real sense of opulence. Chloe did the early part of her preparations at home, with hair and makeup being done by close school friends. Making their way to Swancar in a classic split screen veedub, before taking over the suite for a leisurely morning with her girls meant the excitement of the morning built gradually. Did I mention those awesome Jenny Packham shoes? (yikes!)  We even had some rare time for Chloe to take some amazing bridal lingerie portraits (which in this case are strictly for Lawrence’s eyes only!)

Lawrence meanwhile arrived as only a cool guy can, rocking this shades in this epic Bentley convertible.