Rutland Wedding Photographer / Aneka & Geordan

I have no idea where to begin describing Aneka & Geordan’s day.  I have been a Rutland Wedding Photographer for five years, and this has to be the most emotion-packed, entertainment-packed, stylish-details-packed, beautiful-people-packed wedding that I have shot here.  Aneka is a contradiction in every way.  She has a naturally radiant beauty (and in fact this would be the first wedding where I arrived and I was told that she was still in bed).  Aneka’s version of “just woke up” is how most of us would be glad to look like after three hours in hair and makeup!  She has something of the “girl next door” about her, which made the celebration at home on the family farm all the more fitting.  Despite the demure packaging, Aneka spent the morning cracking jokes, making her bridesmaids laugh, and generally being the energy in any room where preparations were underway.

Meanwhile, Geordan spent the morning in a relatively quiet, contemplative setting at their home before heading to Uppingham to continue the boy’s celebrations with a groom’s brunch at Don Paddy’s in the market place.

As guests began to arrive for the service at the church in Uppingham, there was a definite buzz in the air as Leicester’s Gospel Choir began to take their places ahead of the altar.    The service was probably one of the most euphoric I have seen, and as Geordan and Aneka finally made their way from the church to the sound of the choir and rapturous applause, there was barely a dry eye in the place.

As guests went on ahead to the farm to begin the reception, I stole them both away to have some time to capture their beautiful portraits on parts of the family farm that had been important to Aneka as a little girl.



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