Italian Destination Wedding Photography

Italian Destination Wedding Photography

Two hours south of Naples, Castellabate is a hidden gem.  Off the beaten tourist track.  If you want to celebrate your wedding in a part of Italy which is truly authentic, you need look no further.  An exceptional wedding planner – My Secret Italy – are based out of Salerno, and help lots of English couples to create their perfect Italian day.  I met Julie every day of my 4 day trip, and I saw her work so incredibly hard to make anything possible for her clients.  Authentic local food and wine at a choice of spectacular local venues… including one on the beach!  Planning your destination wedding from the UK could not be easier.  She takes care of floristry, venues, menus, wine, stylists and of course… a range of (English) Italian destination wedding photographers who travel to Salerno to shoot your day with you.

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Italian Bridal Shoot – My Idea of “Down Time”.

With the wedding season starting to take an easier pace, I spent some time in Italy – this time shooting for pleasure.   The Secret Retreat is a relaxing break where likeminded female photographers get together to share tips, talk about their summer weddings, and shoot in the fabulous surroundings of Castellabate.

Having the chance to photograph a couple without the usual time pressures of a wedding day, and in some of the most romantic settings imaginable is any photographer’s dream.

I got to shoot two couples during my trip.  Michael and Chloe had travelled from the UK.  Sissi and Antonio are local couple who knew all the little hidden alleyways to walk to so that their shoot was as intimate as possible.

Castellabate is a really popular romantic retreat for lots of couples from the UK and Europe to escape / elope in stunning style.  A beautiful winding town set on top of a hill overlooking the Salerno coast in Southern Italy.  With winding lanes and romantic architecture, it is easy to see why couples choose the town and its piazzas for their day.