Irnham Hall Wedding – Steve & Laura

Laura & Steve’s Irnham Hall wedding was everything you want an autumn wedding to be. Glorious golden sunshine, a warm drinks reception, and crisp night time evening party still warm enough to spill out onto the patio at Irnham, with a glass of champagne around the fire pit. (Did I mention the Spitfire fly past?)

South Lincolnshire Summerhouse Wedding Venue with Walled Garden

With the ceremony at Irnham’s church, guests could take the short meander through to the magnificent setting that is Irnham Hall, with its stunning grounds and formal gardens.  Tucked away in the pretty South Lincolnshire Countryside, Irnham is a relatively new venue that offers something that lots of other venues don’t.  Outdoor and Indoor options with the Summerhouse and Walled Garden being the perfect private venue, completely off the beaten track.  (In fact the first time you visit, you might drive past the main gate three or four times before you notice it).

Laughter and portraits in the gardens.

I will not forget the connection that was so very obvious between Laura and Steve.  I first met them for their engagement session at an earlier visit to Irnham Hall.   The time you spend in their company just evaporates.  They are just the nicest people, and you feel like you have been their friends forever.  Their wedding day was exactly the same.  The time we spent in the gardens making their couple portraits was just laugh after laugh.  Laura was the most energetic bride I’ve ever met, and her charisma was infectious.   They laugh more than any couple I know, and have a very obvious lust for life. (Just take a look at their first dance… I need say no more).  After our portrait session together in Irnham Hall’s wall garden, dinner was served at long tables in the summer house.

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