Harlaxton Manor Wedding Photography

Despite the almost constant rain for Rachel & Edwin’s June wedding day, they persevered… completely willing to trust me, almost until dark… and here are some of the shots from their magnificent Harlaxton Manor Wedding.

Chinese Wedding Day Traditions

Beginning the day at Rachel’s parents home, where the scene was being set for Edwin to take part in their traditional Chinese tradition – of him “winning” the affection of his bride before he could be granted permission to take her hand in marriage.  Lots of tasks and challenges set by Rachel’s cunning bridesmaids.    Edwin and his groomsmen arrived to begin the hilarious (and somewhat messy!) games whilst Rachel quietly prepared in the sanctuary of her room.

With Edwin safely navigated through the courtship games, it was time for the more solemn tradition of the tea ceremony.  Rachel and Edwin served tea to family members as a symbol of respect for wisdom and kindness.

harlaxton-manor-wedding (1)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (3)

Harlaxton Manor Wedding

Harlaxton is somewhat of an exclusive and little known wedding venue set in rural Lincolnshire, close to the vale of Belvoir.  The wedding venue only hosts a limited number of weddings per year on account of the stately house being a residential college.  This was my second time shooting at this vast, gothic venue, and this season sees me returning twice to shoot some more.  The Manor itself is approached via an awe-inspiring driveway, which makes for a great opportunity to stop and take breath taking images.
harlaxton-manor-wedding (4)harlaxton-manor-wedding (5)harlaxton-manor-wedding (6)harlaxton-manor-wedding (7)harlaxton-manor-wedding (8)harlaxton-manor-wedding (9)harlaxton-manor-wedding (10)harlaxton-manor-wedding (11)harlaxton-manor-wedding (12)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (14)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (16)harlaxton-manor-wedding (17)harlaxton-manor-wedding (18)harlaxton-manor-wedding (19)harlaxton-manor-wedding (20)harlaxton-manor-wedding (21)harlaxton-manor-wedding (22)harlaxton-manor-wedding (23)harlaxton-manor-wedding (24)harlaxton-manor-wedding (25)harlaxton-manor-wedding (26)harlaxton-manor-wedding (27)harlaxton-manor-wedding (28)harlaxton-manor-wedding (29)harlaxton-manor-wedding (30)harlaxton-manor-wedding (31)harlaxton-manor-wedding (32)harlaxton-manor-wedding (33)harlaxton-manor-wedding (34)harlaxton-manor-wedding (35)harlaxton-manor-wedding (36)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (38)harlaxton-manor-wedding (39)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (41)harlaxton-manor-wedding (42)harlaxton-manor-wedding (43)Rainy Wedding Day

From very early in the morning, the weather set to be wet and humid.  Torrential rain continued throughout the bridal preparations, ceremony and drinks reception.  Thunder clouds began to clear only towards the end of the wedding breakfast.   Harlaxton is the perfect wet-weather venue, as there are so many stately rooms available to the wedding party, each with different decor and splendour.   Before dinner, I managed to steal Rachel and Edwin away for a portrait session, maximising the use of the internal architecture.  Sweeping stairs, and vast columns of marble and stone make for some grand and dramatic portraits, which I could see them having printed for their walls at home.

Just as we’d give up all hope of their being any sunshine, the clouds cleared just before the evening celebrations, and we were able to take a short walk outside for portraits with a different look, making the most of the sweeping lawns, with the manor house and fountains as backdrops.

harlaxton-manor-wedding (44)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (47)harlaxton-manor-wedding (48)harlaxton-manor-wedding (49)harlaxton-manor-wedding (50)harlaxton-manor-wedding (51)harlaxton-manor-wedding (52)harlaxton-manor-wedding (53)harlaxton manor weddingharlaxton-manor-wedding (55)harlaxton-manor-wedding (56)harlaxton-manor-wedding (57)harlaxton-manor-wedding (58)harlaxton-manor-wedding (59)harlaxton-manor-wedding (60)harlaxton-manor-wedding (61)harlaxton-manor-wedding (62)harlaxton-manor-wedding (63)harlaxton-manor-wedding (64)