Festival Wedding Photographer Newbury

Newbury Festival Wedding

Jodie & Ben are massive festival-junkies, and were determined that their own wedding was going to be a summer festival to remember.  The brief for the day was to shoot natural candid pictures that told the story of their super-laid-back day.  Unusually, I hadn’t met them ahead of the day with the wedding being in Newbury, but I have to say, my connection to them was immediate.  They were every photographer’s dream.  Super-chilled, never stopped smiling, and completely connected all day.

Wedding Photographer in Newbury

Jodie and Ben’s “story” was one that will stay with me for a long time.  A story that you could make a movie from.   Both were in Ibiza with friends, when Jodie decided to call it a night and catch a cab.  Opening the door to the taxi on one side, Jodie found that the other door had been opened by a man who was also calling it a night.  That man would go on to become her handsome groom!  Seriously, you couldn’t write this stuff!  The day started in the pretty Berkshire village of Bucklebury, with the wedding ceremony held at the prettiest church I’ve shot this year – St Mary’s.

Guests piled out of church to form the longest confetti tunnel EVER! I love those pictures so much – with Jodie and Ben laughing / tripping their way down the line before taking cover in their super-cool VW camper.  We then headed over to The Cottage Inn in Upper Bucklebury who did a fairly epic job of pulling off their festival celebration!

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Street food, tug of war, DJ battles and bell tent village!

With great August weather Jodie’s festival vision was just glorious!  I found the festival site guided by huge billowing flags and the smell of street food cooking from a selection of vendors. With their own real ale on tap, and the wedding tables a tribute to their favourite music festivals, I bounced around to make sure that all their details were captured for their record.  With the VW camper turned into a photobooth, tug of war, and table, guests were having an absolute ball.  Jodie & Ben weren’t overly into having a portrait session on the day, as they wanted to spend as much time with their guests as possible.  At dusk, I managed to persuade them to join me behind their bell tent village where we had a cheeky 5 minutes of just them… being together… no direction…   And these are some of my favourite images this summer.  No fancy backdrops, just a secluded corner of an overgrown field!

I have to say that I loved fulfilling their festival wedding photography brief.   Jodie was the most joyful, radiant bride I could wish for.  Spending the day with them, and later editing their set was just the best fun.  Jodie’s face makes a thousand different beautiful shapes!!!  (And Ben’s is not bad either!)

Thanks guys for inviting me to be part of your special wedding day. It was a joy being part of it all and I hope you love your wedding photos.