I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Cambridgeshire.

I’m not a traditional photographer (although I can recommend some great ones!) I heard it said that your wedding day should not be a photoshoot with a wedding slotted in somewhere – and I hold by that principle. I won’t interrupt your guests and ask them to smile for me and I don’t have a “shot list” that I rigidly stick to so that every wedding I shoot looks the same.

Your wedding is about you and the photographs I take will tell the story of your day, and be entirely unique. Formal photographs have their place and I think it’s important to capture them – which I will gladly do. The formal group shots are an important family record, which document the people that you handpicked to share your day with.

What I think really sets me apart from others is that I can capture the spirit of your day discreetly. It’s the small things. A smile. A glance. The laughter (and tears!) The love and the tight holding of hands. Those moments are equally memorable.

I have been a bride, and I know how much work you will have put in to this day and how special it is to you. I love the fact that each wedding is beautifully different, and that you are not likely to get that exact combination of people together again in one place for a very long time – or maybe never.

I truly appreciate the magnitude of capturing such special moments. The real moments. The people, the emotion and the details. Your wedding photographs will be one of your most treasured possessions. Through your photographs you can relive that day for years to come. That’s why I take so much pride in my work. That’s why I find being a wedding photographer such a privilege.


Rachel xx